Why Choose FortunesRocks.me WordPress Hosting and Development?

Hi, my name is Marlin Cobb and I am CEO of FortunesRocks.me LLC. and here is my contact number: 207-358-8545. That makes us different already! We know there are a lot of hosting services for as low as $4.95/month and we can’t and don’t want to compete at that level. We want to be involved in your internet strategy and part of your team, helping you to grow both your site and business. My goal is to help you out wherever possible to move along from just starting out and getting your feet wet to having arrived and generating enough traffic and income to make our fees pay off for you 10x or 100x. If you are serious about growing your WordPress site and traffic, we want to talk to you about hosting. Our proprietary analytics data uses social and web statistics and can help you pinpoint and sharpen you message so you can find your niche. We will even give you homework assignment’s like how to choose your searchable keywords, so we can help you boost your search referrals! So let us do the dirty work of back-up and security and watching while you focus on growing your business. Together, we can both grow!

Who Hosts With Us?

  • Small sites that want to become big sites
  • Big sites that need highly reliable up time, speed and expand ability
  • People who don’t want to fear being disconnected due to traffic
  • Creators who have better things to do than be a linux webmaster
  • Site owners that want to leverage our Analtyics knowledge
  • Owners looking for SEO help
  • Sites that use newsletters to access their subscribers
  • Membership sites