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  • 100% Faster 100% of the time or 100% of your annual hosting is free!

    100% Faster 100% of the time or 100% of your annual hosting is free!

    Blazing WordPress Hosting: 100% Free if not 100% faster: We are so confident that we can improve the speed of your current WordPress experience that we are offering 100% free hosting for one year if we can not reduce your site load time in half. 100%! If your site is slow, we can remedy that. […]

  • Important message to our clients regarding WordPress 3.6

    Important message to our clients regarding WordPress 3.6

    I know it doesn’t make us good WordPress community citizens, but when you are responsible for hosting other people’s hard work and lively hood and and we all have to live in harmony on the same servers, we feel the need to be very, very cautious.  WordPress 3.6 is released.  It is good and has […]

  • A Fresh Layer of Varnish on your WordPress Blog

    This weekend (August 2nd), we finished installing a global front-end proxy cache on our servers called Varnish.  So what the heck is that you say?  Here is the bottom line (and then you can punt the rest of this article).  It is a caching proxy server that offers front end storage that should make your […]

  • #Bluehost, #HostGator, and #HostMonster combine to form BlueGatorMonster, #fail

    We are not fans of cheap hosting and BlueGatorMonster  has given us another reason: Bitten by Hostgator? Feeling blue from Scared about your account on What happened on August 2nd at the new mega-host conglomerate BlueGatorMonster should give everyone a reason to pause and reflect. The problem with BGM is growth and size […]

  • Good WordPress Titles Search Engines vs. Readers

    How do you write a good WordPress title? I was involved in an interesting discussion this week over a blog entry that I had written. It was about the stock markets and I used surfing as an example of how the Stock Market tends to  move in waves and how those waves are different every […]

  • WordPress Post vs. Page, what is the difference?

    WordPress Post vs. Page My new readers and customers often ask:  What is the difference between a WordPress Post vs. Page? Why do we have both? and When do I use one over the other?  I want to help define that and I also want it to lead into an SEO discussion as you might […]

  • What is a good bounce rate?

    What is a bounce rate? First, what exactly is a bounce rate, how do I find it, and what does it tell me? Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors that visit your site and leave without exploring further.  It is a measurement of engagement.   Like all analytics, the number has to be put into […]

  • What is a Responsive WordPress Theme and does my site need one?

    What is a Responsive WordPress Theme? A responsive WordPress theme is a theme that “responds” to the viewing device being used.  In the “old days”, sites were usually fixed to display on screens that were either 800 or 1024 pixels wide.  These are “fixed-width” sites and still account for most of the sites on the […]

  • VIP WordPress Hosting Service VIP WordPress Hosting Service

    After years of hosting our own family of sites and adding a few select customers, we at  have decided to extend our services to offer everyone a chance to experience our VIP WordPress hosting service. Feature Benefit Only WordPress Hosting Allows us to focus on best practices and to tune our servers and security for WordPress deployment. No […]

  • What is my website first impression and how do I fix it.

    What is a website first impression? I know this seems like a silly question.  Just look, right?  There is a perception that our viewers see our “Front Page”,  but in most sites there are many entrance and exit doors and the fact is that for many of us, most of our viewers don’t use the […]