I know it doesn’t make us good WordPress community citizens, but when you are responsible for hosting other people’s hard work and lively hood and and we all have to live in harmony on the same servers, we feel the need to be very, very cautious.  WordPress 3.6 is released.  It is good and has some very nice new features, but to us it represents a ton of new code that hasn’t been put through production paces yet.  That has just started.

We are asking our clients to hold off  upgrading until 3.6.1 comes out in just a couple of weeks. We can’t stop you from hitting that upgrade button, but we would like to at lease caution you.  If you break your site, we of course will be there to help you fix it, but we might just have a bit of attitude.  If you can’t be patient, give us a heads up and we can help you do the upgrade.

Here are the new features:

  • A new blog theme that is a nice, simplistic and colorful single thread theme called 2013.
  • Better revision control and maintenance on posts where you can go line by line through the change history.
  • Real post locking, so for those sites that have multiple authors/editors working on the same content, the days of over saving someone else’s work are done.
  • Built in HTML 5 media player (YEAH!).  No more need for jwPlayer, HTML5 can play audio and video natively now.
  • An enhanced and easier to use menu editor.

If you don’t really need any of that or you can live another week or so without it, we are asking that you stay calm and wait for the best WordPress release to get even better.

Thank you.