We are in the full swing of summer and while we wish we could take more time off to play, we find our customers needing help and some really interesting projects have come along the way.

For those that do not know us, we are a small WordPress shop located on the coast of Maine.  We cater to our clients and help create some incredible sites with really unique functions.  We also offer a hosting service that is second to none.  Zero down time this quarter, zero for all our clients.

We do all the hosting, security, and updating, you do the creating and thinking.  We are the nerds in the back room.

We can create too – we have an expertise in S2Member, premium and membership sites, and moving real-time data  using Node JS.   We also have a lot of friends that we can call in to build out almost anything.

No flash and glitter here, just rock solid work that keeps on ticking.  Well, maybe a little glitter, but certainly no flash.  Please, Adobe, go away.

Our Summer is short here so we try and cram as much as we can into just 2 1/2 months, that makes it non-stop on visits and play and work.

We have been busy with:

If you have a WordPress need or are not happy with your current hosting partner, give me a call, Marlin @ 617-803-4776  or email me: marlin@fortunesrocks.me .   Even if we are not the right fit, we can help you walk through your issues to make a good solid WordPress decision.

Enjoy the newsletter and hopefully you will find something useful & stop in and say “hi” using our new help now! feature.

CEO FortunesRocks.me