SNAGHTML9d820fbWe love the MailChimp service, so it is sort of unfair to pick on the chimp and put him behind a “do not enter” slash, but we want to make a point. We like to manage our email and mailings lists from a single dashboard, the WordPress dashboard, eliminating the need to use another service, and now you can, too.  Save that $14.95/month and put it toward your premium WordPress concierge service with  We can move your site over to our servers with 0% downtime for FREE, it only requires a 3 month commitment ($87) on your part.

Each month of hosting on includes one hour of free consulting and customization (worth $50!).  That means we can install and set up your Newsletter and Mailing lists plug-in and get you started on reaching out to your fans for Free!, all from you WordPress site.

We are not like any other hosting services – we do all of your site management, plugin management, backup, and analytics.  You have one place to come to… right here.  We have liberal email sending policy for our clients using our white-listed servers, which we protect in order to  guarantee that your email reaches its destination.

Use our service for 60 days, if you are not 100% convinced we will port your site to any other service for free!

Let us help you build it.