Premier Hosting

We are the premier WordPress hosting service.  Using the best servers and solid state disk technology, we do 100% of the hosting work.  Let your design team design and your marketing team market.  Let us host use or expertise in Linux to bring speed, reliability, expansion and security to your creation.


Using AMD multi-core processors, our custom cache technology and solid state drives your site will run faster than any other hosting service.  That is 100% guaranteed our we will help you migrate your site to any service.

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Using backup servers that are replicated nightly, and using redundant DNS and load switches we can keep your site running 24 x 7 x 365.

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We all want to plan big, but we don’t want to pay for big.  We can scale up and down your needs as you grow, or even if there is a sudden interest in what you have to say.  Martha Stewart loves your product?  Our load adapters will scale up your needs to meet sudden demands, and you don’t have to pay anything extra?  We supply the buffer!

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Using the latest security updates, constant monitoring and attention to details keeps our site as an A listed secure site.  You can sleep knowing that we are awake at the gates watching over your products.  Our nightguard service is constantly monitoring for intrusions and attempts so you don’t have.

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Watchman Monitoring

Our watchman is running 24/7, never sleeping and tirelessly monitoring your uptime, changes and access to your site and access speed and rate.  If there is an alert we have a technician on duty to correct or resolve most problems before anyone notices.


We work hard to maintain the highest level of security for our own products as well as for you and your customers. It is our belief that security is our issue and it is only your issue when we fail.  We are updating and upgrading almost daily to keep or ship tight and upright.  We work hard to maintain our industry A+ rating.


Through both thick and thin, we are there to provide the bandwidth your site needs.  We continuously monitor you site’s traffic and response, providing silent bandwidth and resource scaling to get you through any bursts in traffic.  Our balancing technology is second to none.