After years of hosting our own family of sites and adding a few select customers, we at  have decided to extend our services to offer everyone a chance to experience our VIP WordPress hosting service.



Only WordPress Hosting Allows us to focus on best practices and to tune our servers and security for WordPress deployment.
No Sharing of 100 sites on a single server Want to know why all those other services can only charge $9.95/month?  Because they don’t care, they allow you to put your site on their servers with 100’s of other sites just like yours, knowing that 90% of all sites don’t generate traffic so they can statistically make a killing charging $900 for a server that costs them $100 to own and run per month. We do care and we want to work with the 10% of companies that have traffic and want to build on it and unleash the benefits of the net for you and your customers.  We are here to make a difference and that means traffic.  Those $9.95 hosts don’t want you if you are going to bring in viewers.
Amazon Cloud Hosting Allows us to locate our servers all over the world; gives us geographical redundancy so that we can launch your server wherever it is needed.We have bandwidth monitors so if your site ever needs scaling up, we can  meet the immediate need.. so go get yourself on TV or picked up on TMZ.. we can handle the burst of traffic (a heads up might be nice though).. and rest assured that the “database not found” error won’t happen on your site.
Nightly Backup We backup our servers nightly and each backup can be launched as a new server anywhere in the world within minutes.
White-listed Email Servers All of our servers are white-listed helping to insure that your email can get through to its destination and not stuck in a spam folder.
Silver Package
  • $27.97/month
  • Includes all of the above
  • One hour of consulting (can be banked up to 4 hours)
  • 20K visitors / month
  • 5GB of storage
100% Guaranteed If you are not impressed or satisfied with our service, we will move your website with 0 down time to any host you pick. We’re pretty sure you are going to stay.
Pay quarterly and we will migrate your site to our servers for free Includes:

  • Database backup and transfer
  • Fresh copy of the latest WordPress release with security fixes
  • Transfer of all your uploads and images
  • Transfer of your theme
A phone number where a real person will answer and you will be number 0 in line.. because there won’t be a line!


1. Do I need to use your web-hosting to continue to use your services?

No, while we want to say yes, we know that some of our existing customers are satisfied with their current hosting services.  That being said, we have worked with most of your hosting companies and I have to say.. you should really think about moving.  It makes it easier on us to monitor/update/secure/develop your site from our servers.

2. If I use your servers do I have to use your development and design services?

No, we will work with any developer and designer, in fact they will enjoy working with us as we can quickly give them access to everything they need to spiff up your site and our performance is fast making their development easier.  (Another reason why we prefer to work from our servers).

3. Will you be biased toward those that are hosting with you?

Yes, our concierge hosted sites will get first treatment, we want this hosting service to be the best full-service available. Period.  We want to be your back office and your IT and to allow you to grow without the worry and fuss that comes with scaling your services.

Currently we do many “hit” jobs as we call them.  These are those small, seemingly trivial tasks that you often have. Move a page here or add this plugin.  We are happy to do them, in fact eager to do the work but time management wise it takes more time to document the time spent  on the task than actually doing the task!  We want our concierge hosted sites to feel that they have a team behind their server that can quickly respond to their needs and do these hit jobs as they arrive.  We want to just do it and rack it up to your free monthly hour.  It makes it easier on all of us.  If it seems that we are encouraging you to switch.. we are.

4. Does the free analytic reports, WordPress updates and plugin updates count against my one hour of consulting?

No the consulting is separate.  We are watching your site constantly to keep security and performance at optimal levels.  Servers are communal in nature and  we want to make sure each site keeps up with their security updates, that is why we want to do it for you.   It benefits all of us to run a tight ship which is another advantages of working with us.  Updates on your site are required.. we will notify you when we update your site.  Occasionally an update can have side effects so we want to notify you to allow you to check to for any issues.

5. I noticed that my package only includes 30K visitors per month, what if I go over that number.

We do some pretty good analytic filtering and firewalling to keep out  false hits, so your numbers will reflect accurate usage   If you go over 30K a month we will know if it is just a one time event and really not care.   If you have developed a site that is growing and consistently getting over 30K visitors a month.. congratulations!  You are moving into the elite pool and we want to be there with you!  We would ask to have you upgrade your service level by $20/month for every 30k increment.. and don’t worry when you get to 1 million visitors a month, we can scale a cluster for you.

6. Can you provide me a development server?

Yes, if your site is under heavy development we recommend that you use a development server, we can either provide you your own server of a shared development server depending on your needs.   We can even clone your current site onto a development server for you or your developer to work with.

7. What other services do you provide –

Glad you asked!  We can supply your total design needs from site development to deployment.  Email and newsletter services, search engine optimization, back-end servers for real time push notification using XMPP servers and Node JS/Socket IO services.  We also run ICEcast and Audio/Video RTMP servers, if you have needs in this area we would like to talk to you.

8. What happened to

That is still there and that is my trading site and dedicated for the trading community.  Starting January 1st we took out the name to run our growing web services business under.  You can still call me Red, but I will be using my non-trading name – Marlin – as CEO of   Hey, checkout the cool push feeds we are displaying on the site.  Those tweets and RSS feeds (our Argus Service) are all real-time instant feeds.  We would love to build out something special for you.

If you are going to be in that 10% of sites that actually have traffic and viewers and are interested in growing.. we want to be there with your to help you, advise you and share in your victory, we want you to be a part or ours.

Ready to switch?  You can checkout and register for this exciting new service here: